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Princess Dress Up Tea Party in New Jersey- NJ - 732-792-3254

The Princess Dress Up Tea Party in NJ is designed to make all princess dreams come true. The Princess  Dress Up Tea Party has an exquisite table setting and a large selection of costumes that are truly fit for a princess. In addition,  select any Princess Character to host your princess tea  party.  We are located in New Jersey (NJ) & will travel to your location to make your Princess Dress Up Tea Party a truly magical party. At a  Princess Dress Up Tea Party, Princess Tea Party guests can meet Princess Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, Princess Belle, Princess Aurora, Princess Snow White, Jasmine or the Little Mermaid.   The Princess Character of your choice will be present for the entire party and will start the party by doing the make-up, face painting and or nail polish.   Then the princess character will gather the guests around an intriguing trunk filled with beautiful gowns.  The guests will be told a short story about a Royal Princess Ball and then invited to attend the Royal Princess Ball. The guests will choose a beautiful gown and transformed into into beautiful   princesses.  They will also participate in a Royal Crowning Ceremony  where the  birthday girl will then be crowned a princess.   Finally sit down at the Princess Tea Party table. The table will be beautifully set and the guests will have a small session on manners.  Everyone will have a great time at the princess tea party. 


This package includes the following:

Themed photo backdrop,
Royal coronation,
Royal dress up trunk,
Face painting,tattoos,make-up,nail,combo,
Table setting with fine china tea pots & centerpieces,
Napkins, napkin rings & table linens,
Chair covers & sashes,
Beautiful themed craft project,
Themed games and activities with prizes,
Complete set up and clean up.
Princess Tea Party Options:

$395/1.5 hour party.
One Princess of Choice.
One Party Hostesses(no costume).
Up to 10 kids & $20 each add. child. 

$445/ 2 hour party.
2 Princess Party Characters of Choice.
Up to 12 kids & $20 each add. child.

Thank you for considering us for your Kids Birthday Party Entertainment.  If you are interested in the Princess Tea Party then you can reach us in New Jersey  732-792-3254. Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: host@fairytalehome.com  Should you have a need for a licensed Disney Princess, then please contact Disney. We do not offer Disney Princess characters!

Princess Tea Party Additional Information
Our NJ Princesses Dress Up Tea Party is one of the main themes for children's dress-up birthday parties.  Some of the more popular Princess Tea Party costumes include the Classic Walt Disney Princesses such as Princess Cinderella and Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Other popular Disney characters include Princess Snow White, and Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Our Princess Dress Up Tea Party  Costumes also include: dress-up gowns, capes, crusader costumes, cowboy, pirate and much more. The perfect age for a Princess Tea Party is a 3 to 7 years old. Still, everybody including adults love to Princess Dress Up Tea Parties . Most of our Princess Dress Up Tea Parties have been for 5 year olds. We know the small differences between the ages of 3-7 so we alter our Princess Dress Up Tea Party activities for their knowledge, skill level and maximum fun. Most parents have their first big Princess Dress Up Tea Party for their little baby growing up at age 3 years old. This age group loves when a Princess Character of their choice arrives to attend the Princess Dress Up Tea Party.  We have never met a 3-7 year old girl that did not want to be a Princess.

We also know that kids are always in the mood for is a party. NO matter what type of party, or what age group, kids love to get together and enjoy each others company with games, songs, activities and fun, fun, fun!!!  Nothing brings more joy to a parent than to see their child happily playing Children's Party Games with other kids. The smiles and excitement as the children open their birthday party presents. To plan the perfect Children's Party, we here at Fairytale Home Parties can properly service your Children's Birthday Parties. We have a wide variety of Children's Birthday Party Supplies, and Children's Party Games to choose from. We will also do the Childrens Party Planning and create a theme for the Party and brand new Children's Birthday Party Games. Get ready for your child to have the most magical birthday party ever!  

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